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Air Cleaners

4000 Series

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Aprilaire 4000 Series media air cleaner combines whole-home efficiency with the convenience of visible, active control.

Control benefits:

  • Indicates when the air cleaner is running.
  • Give Customers active control of the air cleaner based on personal preference and event triggers
  • Monitors the fan run time and intelligently tells consumers when to replace their filter.

Needs-Based Selling

Homeowners are demanding air cleaning products. The fact that people are spending significant amounts of money on portable air cleaners from home improvement stores is a testament to the need to educate consumers. There is no better air cleaning solution than installing a whole-home high efficiency air cleaner next to the air handler. It’s time to grow your business; look to Aprilaire’s extended Air Cleaner line to provide the products and support to improve your air cleaner sales.

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